Doodles of my favorite characters from Criminal Minds — Penelope Garcia and Spencer Reid.

quick.  Doodle requests.  

Preferably Rivetra-related.

But I’m kinda into X-files.

I’m also very partial to Dr. Reid from criminal minds.  And Penelope Garcia.

I need to get my drawing juices running.  Maybe I’ll do like 3.

I get a weird kind of a negative aftertaste when I hang out with this particular group of friends, which is sad because we’ve been friends since high school/middle school.

So I like eating a lot a lot.  I’ve been keeping it down but I still enjoy eating quite a lot. But when I eat with these friends I eat like a 1/3 to 1/2 of what I usually eat (because I get super self-conscious), and even then my friends don’t eat as much.  My friends are also considerably smaller than me.  I also know they work out to keep fit and dress very well. 

This is all fine and dandy because kudos for them for keeping their health and appearances up. But each time they always say “I ate too much.  I feel so fat. I need to run tomorrow to get all this weight off.”

I don’t like this.  it’s annoying and it makes me more self-conscious. This is not cool either.  So if you guys have friends you are comfortable eating with to your heart’s content, that’s precious and dear.

It’s hot as fuck, I’m sweating like a pig, and my shirt makes my arms look ginormous but whatever it’s hot and I’m going out with friends and I still think I look kinda cute.

A page from my journal…I’m trying to try new things (also this isn’t supposed to be me but more my spokeslady).

pauperfish replied to your photo “I’m not doing too well in this heat and humidity.”

INDOORS ALL DAY EVERY DAY. (My sympathies, dear Rie.)

IT’S JUST UGH (thank you for the sympathy points).

socal is not meant for this humidity.

I’m not doing too well in this heat and humidity.

I also love how Doggett has Scully’s back and goes above and beyond to continue to have her back, despite the mistrust in their relationship. Just because he’s her partner.  That’s it.  That’s all it takes for him to back you, even if it mean he jeopardizes his life.

Doggett kinda reminds me of a extremely loyal grumpy Labrador.